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Gift Guide for Friends

Friendship is one of lifes greatest gifts. A friend can lift spirits. Friends can be a sister, lifelong friend or neighbour. We have created this gift guide to help you choose a meaningful gift for someone important to you this Christmas 

Symbols can carry the gift of meaning across generations. Our timeless jewellery speaks to the heart of women of every age.

Choose the meaning that will speak to your friend and leave the rest to us 

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The Dara Knot - Symbolising strength 

The Dara Knot is the perfect gift for someone in your lif who has gone through a hard time or to give them a daily reminder on their inner strenght.  

This beautiful symbol encourages us to call on our inner strength to weather any storm. It is also a thoughtful gift to remind our loved ones that they are stronger than they know. 

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The Lotus Flower -  Symbolising New Beginnings 

Do you know someone that has began a new chapter in their life? 

The Lotus Flower necklace symbolises new beginnings, enlightenment and beauty. This symbol is the perfect gift for someone starting a new job or graduation to mark he beginning of their new chapter. 

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The Lucky Horseshoe - Symbolising luck and Protection

'Ride your dreams as far as they can take you'

The Horseshoe to help turn your luck around, increase success and protect yourself and your belongings. Give the gift of luck to a loved one this year

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The Map of Ireland - Symbolising Home 

Do you have a friend living overseas? 

Its important to show them you are thinking of them this Christmas. 

Give the gift of home with The Map of Ireland Necklace 

'life takes you to unexpected places, love brings you home'

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 Does your friend prefer a chunkier style of jewellery? Check out our Curated by Liwu Jewellery - Shop Curated by Liwu Jewellery 




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