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So it’s one year since I officially changed career and completed any paid accountancy work. I say paid as I still do my own accounts and the odd favour for family members but it’s no longer what I do for a living!

Is my life different? Yes of course when you do something you have wanted to do for a long time or stop doing something that’s not meant for you, it’s like a weight lifted from your shoulders. Because I had a very gradual change in career path and didn’t go cold turkey until I built a very small business and new identity on the side, it most certainly has been easier than it is for others. These changes I talk about may seem small but they open your mind to be so much more.

  1. 'What do you do?'

The once complex answer is now straight forward……’I am a jewellery designer and I run my own business called Liwu Jewellery’. This has been so liberating to not justify my existence anymore. In previous years, I guess I was an accountant aspiring to be jewellery designer and starting her own business. This year I have let go of ‘the accountant’ bit completely as I no longer feel I have to prove that ‘I am smart’. I know that my old view of smart was a professional qualification. Now smart is recognising that my old view is bullshit! Because unhappy isn’t very smart now is it?

  1. A more balanced life

 The best thing is while I am still busy, I most certainly have more time for me. Why? First, I am not trying to be a mum, be creative and grow a business and do people’s accounts so there is more time. But I think it’s actually more head space. There is more room for stuff I enjoy…… for instance one thing I stopped doing when had my first girl was reading. Every night I was exhausted and I just got out of the habit. I replaced books with my smart phone coming to bed. I am proud to say I’ve read at least 12 books and counting in 9 months. These are autobiographies, business books, parenting but only two fiction books.  Yes please email me fiction recommendations before my holidays.  I am so happy reading is back in my life as knowledge and stories are power. Other things include I am fitter than I probably have ever been and again this is head space more than time. My head isn’t full of the things I should do or why I am so unhappy doing accounts. Now Its full of things I love and as a result it’s easier to make progress with fitness and healthy eating.

  1. And now that we mentioned that word ‘busy’

Busy is defined as having a great deal to do. I am actually embarrassed to think that I was always saying I was ‘busy’. This year I am making a conscious effort to not say ‘busy’. Not only do I avoid complaining to people that I am SO busy (because everyone in our own minds are busy – it’s all relative) but it’s to stop this belief in my own head. We all know what it is like to have massive to do lists and in our heads we are thinking this is all too much, I am so busy!! When those thoughts start, I just think breathe, and say to myself, 'don’t worry', 'take your time', 'remember the important things will get done'. This little talk to myself works a treat! I just prioritise, delegate and let the things that really aren’t important ……slide. Yes, there is a pile a clothes on my landing all week to sort but sleep and other stuff have just been prioritised instead. Cut yourself some slack and un-busy yourself!

  1. The realisation that symbols are not just meaningful but they promote in your life what they mean

I design my jewellery around the meanings of the symbols. I certainly am drawn to some more than others. And yes I wanted to create the Serenity collection as the five-fold symbol represents balance. I am not joking when I say since I designed and made the Serenity collection, it has helped me promote balance. It’s not just an aspiration now but it’s a constant work in progress. I now recognise when things are out of sync and when to re align better. I am currently doing research into symbols and how they can promote what they mean in your life for real and no just as distant vague aspiration. Stay tuned!

Overall, life is different in small subtle ways but in these small ways are life changing………..


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