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Lotus Flower Jewellery Meaning

Lotus Flower Symbol Jewellery represents the symbolism of enlightenment, beauty and new beginnings. It is highly sacred in many cultures throughout the world including Hinduism, Buddhism and Ancient Egypt. This is based on the history and environment in which the Lotus Flower grows and blooms every day. It is recognised as the perfect tailsman to carry on your journey through life. 

Lotus Flower Symbol In Jewellery 

To understand why it chosen as tailsman jewellery adorned or worn by many as a necklace, earrings or bracelet, we must look at its beauty, why it is sacred in many cultures and indeed its history. 

Once you understand how the Lotus Flower has survived through the ages and how its beauty grows and emerges everyday, you can understand why is has been adopted as an emblem, a symbol and become sacred in many cultures throughout the entire world. 

Lotus Flower Pink

History and Species of the Lotus Flower (source www.petalrepublic.com)

Fossil records show that lotus flowers have been in existence for millions of years. They are believed to have survived the Ice Age between 1.8 million and 10,000 years ago when many plants went extinct. To this day, lotus flowers can be found globally, from Iran to Japan, India, Australia, and Russia. 

The Lotus Flower is an aquatic plant. There is two common types the Scared Lotus (also known as the Indian Lotus or the Angel Lotus) and the American Lotus. There is also the blue Egyptian Lotus which is more commonly known as the Water Lily. 

The Scared Lotus is the flower which originated in Asia. It is pink with white flowers and grows in mucky waters. The American Lotus is yellow originated in North America. 

Both the Scared Lotus and Yellow Lotus are edible and are recognized for their medicinal properties. 

Beauty in the muddy waters 

Lotus flowers are beautiful in their colour and symmetrical shape. But their story of growth and perseverance through the Ice Age and everyday in even the murkiest waters is a wonder.

Lotus Flowers grow and start life in the mud and mucky waters. They bloom during the day and close at night. Everyday is a new beginning for the Lotus Flower. They continue to bloom despite the waters they live in.

Lotus in cultures around the world 

The beauty of the Lotus Flower through adversity (murky and muddy waters and through the Ice Age) as well as it's medicinal properties means it is recognised and held highly scared in cultures and countries around the world.

For many it has been recognised as a symbol of the human experience on earth as Buddha accurately summarizes.

'As a lotus flower is born in water, grows in water and rises out of water to stand above it unsoiled, so I, born in the world, raised in the world having overcome the world, live unsoiled by the world' Gautama Buddha

For instance, is the national emblem of India and is highly scared in Hinduism, Buddhism, Ancient Egypt, Japan and China. 

 Lotus Flower and Buddhism 

buddha and lotus flower

The Lotus flower represents the journey of the human soul from the darkness to the light of wisdom. 

It represents patience, coming out of suffering and self awareness. 

Lotus Flower and Hinduism

The Lotus Flower symbolises beauty, prosperity, knowledge, fertility, and most of all, eternity and spirituality.

The Lotus Flower is found detailed in the scriptures and goddesses associated with Hinduism. 

It's shape is also said to symbolise the seven charkas, the spiritual power of the human body or in other words the soul. 

Lotus Flower and Ancient Egypt 

The Lotus Flower symbolises the sun, rebirth and creation.

Egyptians believe that the sun and the lotus flower have something in common – disappearing at night and re-emerging fresh in the morning. 

Lotus Flower and other cultures 

Lotus flowers also have profound meanings in Christianity. Generally, they represent purity and the creation of the universe. While Christians usually do not accept how material things like lotus flowers have divine properties they do suggest that Lotus Flower has connections with Jesus. 

Lotus Flowers in China symbolise feminity and material happiness. 

Lotus Flowers in Japan symbolise purity of mind and body.

Now in western culture, the Lotus Flower often represents the search for the true meaning of life. 

Liwu Jewellery and the Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower shape I drew as the Liwu Lotus flower symbol was symmetrical. I love the fact that the Lotus Flower grows in the mud, yet emerges beautiful. Every day it blooms like a new beginning. We learn everyday of our lives and we get up and can shine daily through all adversity. 

Whatever meaning from the history, story and cultures you attach to your Lotus Flower necklace, it can act as a constant reminder of who you truly are. The perfect talisman to carry on your way. 


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