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Lucky Horseshoe Jewellery Meaning

New Meanings and their inspiration (part 1) - Lucky Horse Shoe Meaning 

I am so happy and relieved to finally see some new pieces and their meanings live on the website! 

Designed, creating and launching a new collection always takes longer than expected. We really seemed to  experience delays from every angle. This can be so frustrating yet so rewarding once it finally comes together. 

We have launched two new symbols and their meanings with eight pieces to choose from in total. As well as the new symbols we have added earrings and bracelets in symbols where there was only necklaces previously. You can now purchase bundles within the same collection. 

The Lucky Horseshoe Inspiration 

horses gazing in field at sunrise

(pic: One of our ponies grazing at sunrise)

You may or may not know, I live and run Liwu Jewellery from our family farm in Co. Wexford, Ireland. We have always had horses here. My husband grew up with horses and he is is gradually expanding his passion for the horses and developing our facilties for the future. My daughter learned to ride during the lockdown and she is now well and truly hooked. So, its makes perfect sense to really look into the symbolism of the lucky horseshoe. 

One day a few years ago, we found a really old horse shoe in our field. My daughter said straight away it was a lucky horseshoe. How did she even know that? She was only 4 years at the time. 

The Meaning behind the Horseshoe 

Anyways, my research indicates that for centuries the horseshoe has been a popular symbol of luck and protection around the world. From ancient India to Europe, it appears in environmental art and is often hung outside the front or back door. Tradition says it should be made of iron and be well worn as this shows that it is protected its wearer (the horse) for some time before being used as an amulet or charm. 

Worn up or down? 

gold horseshoe studs by Liwu Jewellery

In Ireland, Uk and the US, you will see the horseshoe placed upwards, whereas in other countries they place it downward so that the luck pours over you. Our stud earrings can be worn up or down so we'll leave that belief up to the wearer. 

The crescent shape of the horseshoe is believed to be linked to lunar power and to the Greek Goddess Artemis or Roman Goddess Diana. Under this guise, the horseshoe can be used as a charm for protection. 

Overall, it is believed that you can work with the horseshoe to turn your luck around, increase your chances of success or protect yourself and your belongings!

After researching the horseshoe symbol I was really charmed by it's symbolism. The result is six new pieces which are very small yet eye-catching. A lovely gift for anyone in your life. 

 Lucky Horseshoe necklace by Liwu Jewellery


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