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Our Inspiration

Magic of symbols is the magic of the human spirit

That magic and power is at the heart of Liwu Jewellery. Liwu means gift, and every gift carries a message and a meaning. You deserve every good thing. You are not alone. You are loved. Designer Áine Breen’s jewellery captures these messages in symbols of pure gold and silver, so that the meaning can never be mistaken or forgotten. As a gift to yourself or as a gift to a dear one, each piece speaks directly to the heart. 

In 2023, Aine opened a bricks and mortar store called Lu & Mol. A Home for Liwu Jewellery alongside other carefully curated jewellery and gifts.

'My aim is to bring symbols to life through beautiful, sustainable, timeless pieces of jewellery, whose messages can be remembered forever'

Áine Breen Founder Liwu Jewellery

Symbols carry the gift of meaning

Symbols carry the gift of meaning across distances, cultures, and generations. It grounds us, steadies us, and helps us understand our world and ourselves. It is a touchstone that reminds us of what matters most and tells us that even the simplest moments are sacred. A talisman to carry on our way. A re-enchantment of the everyday. Symbols do that for us. Liwu Jewellery does that too.

Our Founder's Story

A journey of cultures and meaning

In 2011, Áine's introduction to meaningful symbols and language began, when she moved from Ireland to China with her husband and discovered her creative side.

Eager to learn more about Chinese culture, Áine took a
course in Chinese calligraphy. One of the first characters she
found was love, which she discovered meant ‘life to the heart and grace to the body.’

I was immediately struck by how subtle yet significant this moving heart and body character was. I wanted a necklace with these characters'


Belonging to ancient Celtic culture

In 2014, Áine moved back home to Ballymoney, near Gorey in Co Wexford in the sunny south east of Ireland. Her travels sparked a renewed interest in Ireland's culture which is deeply rooted in ancient Celtic culture and celtic symbols.

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Where do we continue to get our inspiration?

'Today, I am not only inspired by Celtic and Chinese culture but symbolism from around the world and this is reflected in our meaningful collections'

Discover Our Symbol Jewellery with meaning

Beautiful gifts with lasting experiences. At a single glance, the message behind the jewellery is remembered....

Our Kind Ethos

Kind to the earth, kind to each other.

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