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Gifts for Mum

What does Mum want?

She wants to be seen, valued and understood. Our jewellery for Mum is an intimate, precious expression of love and appreciation. Whether it's a new mum you know, your Mum or the mother figure in your life, our symbol jewellery helps you speak to her heart.

This Christmas express your love and appreciation for Mum - Choose a symbol to speak directly to her heart. 

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The Dara Knot - Symbolising Strength 

Mothers are often the strongest people in your life, the person you go to when you need help. Show them how much you value their strength with The Dara Knot. 

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The Celtic Spiral - Symbolising Joy, Energy and Life

Looking for the perfect gift for a new mother? 

The Celtic Spiral symbolises joy, life and energy 

A beautiful thoughtful gift as new Mum's need all those things in spades!

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The Tree of Life - Symbolising Wisdon, Knowledge and Family Connection 

Do you want to show the mum how much they mean to you? 

Celebrate the knowledge they have gained throughout their life, with The Tree of Life. 

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The Om Symbol - Representing Inner Peace 

Give the gift of inner peace this Christmas. 

One of our amazing customers said the weight of The Om Symbol necklace on their chest feels grounding and stress-reducing. 

The Om Symbol is the perfect gift to remind Mum to take time for themselves 

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The Ailm Symbol - Representing Wellbeing 

Mum's are usually wise and they know would understand the meaning behind the Wellbeing ailm symbol - a balanced soul helps strength, longevity and endurance. 

It is believed our ancestors knew for wellbeing, you needed physical strength coupled with a balanced soul. 

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The Lotus Flower - Symbolising New Beginnings 

Has the mother figure started a new chapter in their life?

Maybe the Mother figure in your life has retired or started a new career, celebrate their new beginning with The Lotus Flower.

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The Infinity Symbol - Representing Infinite Possibilities 

A simple beautiful symbol with a message of infinite possibilities.

Remind her that the possibilities are endless.

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The Lucky Horseshoe - Symbolising Luck and Protection

Give the gift of luck and protection this Christmas. 

A beautiful gift of your hopes and dreams and appreciation for her.

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