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Summer Serenity!

What a few months we have been through worldwide, none of us will ever forget the year of 2020 and it's only July! 

Now it's offically Summer, we all derserve a break from anxious and locked down life we have mainly lead the past few months. It's time to take a break (albeit safely) from our worries and the collective worry the entire world has right now with the still present invisible threat that is Covid 19. 

While for some of us, we enjoyed a healthy break from rushing around, commuting, and socialising, it's healthy to connect with people face to face and have fun exploring. 

Our ancient ancestors knew the secret to a serene life is balance so its time to balance out the locked down times and re-emerge safely into the world. I want to wear nice clothes and my big Serenity Statement Earrings. While I don't have many fixed plans for the next few weeks (my promise to myself is not to overscheldule myself and my family) ,  I do want to experience some summer sun and serenity as follows: 

1. Eat a meal out, ideally outside in the summer sunshine - I am sure I am not the only one sick of cooking three meals a day. 

2. Explore further than 2/5Km beyond my house. We are lucky enough to live 500m from the sea in the South East of Ireland, so our lockdown was in a beautiful place BUT the past two weeks we visited beaches up to 30 minutes away just because we can and some are so beautiful like Cahore (yummy pizza and coffee shack too!), Ballinoulart Beach, Curraloe, the list is endless. 

3. Meet family and friends. While I have reconnected with friends and family locally, we have friends and family in other counties and it will be a joy to reconnect, even if we can't embrace, physical presence will be lovely!

4. Staycation - yes I am one of those people who have a house booked for a few days in Ireland. Here we come Co. Cork! We are so truly lucky in Ireland as its so beautiful and we look forward to welcoming back everyone from abroad soon. 

This Summer do as our ancestors believed and inject some Serenity into your life! 

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